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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Killer Cat

By Anne Fine

Humour: 10
Animals: 10
Adventure: 5
Magic: 0
Friends: 5

There are 5 books about Tuffy the cat and his friends.  The first one, The Diary of the Killer Cat, is about a dead rabbit next door and the crazy dad in the house Tuffy lives in.  You can read the books in ANY order and they are all laugh out loud funny.

Tuffy says funny things like "OK, OK, so slap me on my furry little bottom" and "OK,OK, I killed the bird.  So hang me." or "OK OK, so stick my head in a holly bush, I gave Ellie's mother my mean look"

They have crazy pictures and silly things in brackets to make it extra funny.  These books are suitable for younger readers or anyone who wants to giggle. (even adults)

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