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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


By Erin Hunter

Humour: 5
Animals: 10 (well obviously)
Adventure: 9
Magic: 3
Friends: 3

There are four series of books.  The one shown is the first book in the New Prophesy series.  There's also the Original, The Power of 3 and the Omen of the Stars series.  I've read almost all of the books in two of the series.

These books are about 4 clans of wild cats, Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, Wind Clan and River Clan and their starry ancestors Star Clan. They are really good adventures with a bit of magic.  They call humans two legs and cars two leg monsters.

I really, really love these books and they would be good for big cat fans like me.

Erin Hunter has also written a series of books about dogs (Survivors) and bears (Seekers)

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